The cities grow out of control. In between this giant complexity there are patterns stabilised to guide the human flow. They are so well implemented, in an instinctive way, we forget they exist. We take the same routes, walk the same paths, populate the same spaces. But despite that, there are gaps, spaces not controlled by the order and the routine. This spacial and social gaps are spaces of possibilities, a chance to change and to question the status quo and the stabilished order. The spaces are empty because they behave as exceptions, not following any rules, invisible to the form, to the appropriated. Exploring these Gaps, we wish to explore the in-between spaces, inviting the individuals to rethink their daily lives and behaviour towards others, the eternal search for stability. Challenging the rules, we open the perception of creativity and the self-expression by the projection of individuality and personal identity. Freeing the self from the social molds and frames, breaking with the idea of normality.

A project by Seed

Performance by Marcella Arruda

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