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Lifta is a concept designed for Volvo as a final project for the Digital Product Design & Management course at EDIT - Portugal.

My role in this project was to participate in every step of the design research alongside my group partners and in the end I was responsible for translating the wireframes into a visual representation. Therefore the UI Design was made by me.

volvo portugal Lifta rideshare

Project goals

This project was a development of a briefing presented by Aira de Mello – Marketing & PR Director @Volvo Car Portugal S.A.
The briefing was "How can Volvo be be highlighted in the Portuguese market, strenghtening their car sharing values, as well as safety and technological innovation?

apresentação birefing volvo

principios da marca volvo

Target group

As an strategy we decided to focuse on a different target group for the Volvo solutions that still wasn't approached by the current solutions: business offering a fleet service or paying for employees travel expenses. It was an interesting point that Volvo could be part of a greater network of services and offer their cars as a service for a larger group of people.

publico alvo projeto

ecossistema mobilidade urbana

How might we...

Focusing on this target group, our workshops focused on finding a proper challenge to be solved, using Google Design Sprint's methodology.

how might we?


Based on the issues we also came up with different Objective Key Results to measure our work as it would be developed.


fluxo rideshare

benefícios do rideshare e fleet sharing

benchmarking de serviços

carro homem volvo portugal

dashboard carro volvo

configuracao personalizada carro

wireframes e testes

layouts app volvo

app design volvo cars

gamification carro volvo
prototipo app carro volvo

mundo volvo

carro volvo

contato equipe edit portugal volvo

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